Mobile patrol unit


Our Mobile Patrol services are here to protect certain businesses and locations such as condos, apartments, trailer park complexes and more. We are able to patrol multiple sites at once with multiple officers on duty. This is sometimes more cost effective for clients as this is not a hourly rate of service. We make sure that while out on patrol we communicate with the community and stay attentive. We conduct routine patrols to make sure that the community is safe and the business is secure. Working alongside the local police department to ensure safety, we respond to all calls on the properties which we run patrol services for as well. This unit is worked by the officers with the most experience, either in law enforcement, military and/or a patrolling service background. We promote within the company for this position or hire police/military only directly into it. 

Alarm Response

Alarm response works hand and hand with the patrol units. If a client sets up alarm response with us, its to make sure their property or business is kept secure and there are no break-ins or burglaries. Along with the police department being dispatched we are dispatched by the alarm company as well. Or the client can set up for our response and we notify if the police department is needed.