Private Investigators (P.I.S. Unit)

Criminal cases

The Criminal cases are worked on by the experienced investigators with a background in law enforcement or the courts. They work with attorneys to help them gain evidence or with whatever the attorney needs. They are highly skilled and can handle a large workload. 


Private Investigators are trained for this position or hired directly with Law enforcement/military/attorney/courts background. They work on all cases thrown their way, ranging from criminal to civil cases and working with private clients or attorneys. Investigators do not stop until the case is completed and the client is 100% satisfied with the end results. 

Civil cases

Civil cases are normally difficult but we work them. Our investigators work with private clients are get any Intel they are in need of. These cases range from custody assignments to domestic assignments, but they are normally hired for a private party to gain information on an individual. All cases have a field report completed and aren't completed until the client is satisfied with the results. 


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